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Why Vital Signs Monitor?

During Covid-19 pandemic, we all worried about our loved ones. Whether you have a senior family member or one with disabilities or chronic disease, from time to time you need to monitor their vital signs. Our device measures a combination of FIVE important vital signs: ECG (Electrocardiograph), Heart Rate, Noninvasive Blood Pressure, Spo2 (Oxygen Saturation), Respiratory Rate) and Body Temperature. These collectively provide insight into the patient’s health and helps your physician get a more accurate assessment of the patient’s well-being.

Why “Remote” monitoring?

Using our app, your loved ones could be at home and you can monitor all FIVE of their vital signs from anywhere! So, if you go to work regularly, have a loved one who lives and an aged care centre or on their own, you can still monitor their health and be notified by SMS in-case there are any issues.

This is at the core of our mission here at VitalLeads. We believe this technology can save and also enhance the lives of our clients as well as their family & friends.

If you have a family member in an aged care centre, get in touch with us.

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