The device is highly compact and accurate with the readings. Very easy to use and have all required vital signs sensors. TGA certified makes it easier to show the readings to my GP. I recommend buying this device during the pandemic situation.

  • Buvana Venku
  • Engineer

To have an all-in-one, Australian TGA certified medical device for home use is simply great. In addition, the device has an app that helps store the data and share it with your loved ones — a must-have device for the elderly at home. I strongly recommend this device.
  • Anitha Zarnegar
  • Research Data Scientist

I bought the Vitalleads multiparameter monitor to have all the vital signs on one medically certified device. Great value. Works really well

  • Ben
  • Professor

The vitalleads Apple App from is very easy to use. I measure my blood pressure, spo2 and breath rate often so can keep a good record

  • Elan
  • University Student

I have tested Vitalleads multiparameter monitor and found it really useful for aged care and home care. This device also has an AI based alarm system as well as mobile app to monitor, which makes it the only smart device in its category. I will recommend it for old people to track their health.

  • Geetika V
  • AU Enrolled Nurse

Great device, I was looking for something which can help me to track my parents health during a pandemic. This device has solved the problem by giving me realtime status of my parents health through android app and also alert me in case of any issues. Highly recommended for any one having their parents in another country.

  • M Swapna
  • Software Engineer, ANZ